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Interested in volunteering? want to give back to the community and it's children? At the Leadership Learning Center volunteers are always welcome.  Come in and assist the students of the LLC with Homework, Projects, Art, Music or Physical Education.

Become a role model and a positive influence on the  children of the Leadership Learning Center.


Become A Partner

Would you or your company like to become a partner? Do you have any program, activities, or events that will work well with the Leadership Learning Center? If you would like to help support the Learning Leadership Center by becoming a partner  please follow the Link below.


Sponsor A Student

Are you looking for a way to give back during these times? Become part of our Sponsorship Program. 

As a sponsor you will be providing vital support to students and families at the Leadership Learning Center.

While schools remain closed providing only virtual learning, families are in desperate need for quality child care and academic support for their children to preserve their employment.


Your Sponsorship will allow children to attend the LLC from 8:00 am – 6:00 pm receiving meals, academic support and enrichment activities during school hours and through after-school programing.

Sponsor a Child, Support a family!


Become an Ambassador

The Leadership Learning Center's Ambassador Program is a good way to give back to the Little Havana community while embarking on a year long community service project.


As an ambassador you will be the spokesperson for the Leadership Learning Center in your community, and schools. You will be provided the opportunity to advocate for Center while partnering with us to support and aide in our mission to create the Leaders of tomorrow.

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