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Our Ambassadors


Claire Lawrence


Hi! My name is Claire Lawrence and I am an 9th Grade Student in South Florida. I believe all children should be given an opportunity to live up to their potential. I want to help the LLC achieve their goals to make this possible. The children today will be the leaders tomorrow. Help us to make this a successful program. I was ecstatic to find The Leadership Learning Center because I can identify with their mission


Lola Latona


My name is Lola Latona  and I am a student in South Florida. I am excited to be part of the Leadership Learning Center team and to help spread their message. We need to develop the next generations' leadership skills for a better tomorrow.


Alexis Morales

Event Coordinator

My name is Alexis Morales. I am a student at Saint Brendan High School. I enjoy getting involved with my community. Through the Mission Club at my school, I had the opportunity to set up multiple collections of necessary items for others. I am passionate about coordinating events to help others at the Leadership Learning Center. I hope to be a positive influence and role model to the children at the LLC.

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