The Leadership Learning Center (LLC) is a program rooted in a long history of service to others.  Our goal is to create a positive change in the Little Havana area by instilling in our participants positive qualities that lead to self-respect, self-esteem, respect and love for others.  Hope for the future, personal accomplishment, and self-confidence will help these children steer clear of community risk factors.


We teach our students that they are part of a larger picture.  Yes, they are valuable members of a family, but beyond that they are neighbors, classmates, and citizens.  As future leaders, each LLC student is taught the value of each of their societal roles and how their personal choices affect others.  The LLC is a full participant in the child’s circle of influence.


Understanding that children often come from unstable homes where there may be facing unemployment, illness, hunger, homelessness or abuse to name a few, we know that they cannot often put aside their own worries and fears.  These burdens often prevent them from concentrating on school, creative thoughts, and learning.  Therefore, we include social strategies as an integral part of each child’s individual learning experience, we address the complete child.  This includes their academic performance as well as striving to meet their most basic of needs.  This frees the child’s mind and offers them the opportunity to think clearly and creatively, and to learn in an environment where they feel safe and secure.


Through parental involvement, facilitating parent-school communications, and building bridges to available community resources, the LLC alleviates pressure on parents and guardians.  We empower them to become the guides their children need to thrive. 


The LLC receives generous funding from The Children’s Trust as well as from donations from foundations, corporations, and individuals.  The ultimate benefactors of this funding and donations are our families.  This generosity affords them a greater chance of creating a home where they and their children can thrive.


Additionally, the LLC benefits from the services of dedicated volunteers and professionals from varied walks of life such as doctors, lawyers, media representatives, bankers, educators and many others.  A cadre of students from local catholic high schools assist as peer mentors and engage our children in sports and imaginative play.  These peer mentors comprise an array of role models for our program participants to emulate.