Designed to meet the needs of students in K-12 and their families, these are some of the services the Leadership Learning Center provides:

Social Emotional Learning (S.E.L)


Physical Education

  • Concentrated development of positive social skills.

  • Training and activities to reinforce positive behaviors

  • Students participate in activities to help them identify, understand and control their emotions.

  • Literacy classes given every day by Certified Miami Dade County public school teachers.

  • Lessons, on reading Fluency, phonics,Vocabulary.

  • Differentiated Learning.

    • Students are pulled out in small groups to receive personalized activities to address areas of need.

  • Students have Physical Education every day.

  • Certified Fitness Coach, leads students in activities that work on:

    • cardiovascular endurance

    • Team work

    • Communication

    • and overall physical fitness.

Home Work Assistance




Additional Services

  • Supervision and Assistance with Homework assignments

  • Utilization of Computers and technology for assignment completion and research development.

  • Assistance with School projects.

  • Daily Nutritional snacks provided by the State of Florida Health Department.

  • Long days Students are provided lunch and snack from the State of Florida Health Department.

  • In house Food Pantry for families in need.
  • In house Toiletry Pantry for families in need.
  • Art Program

  • Music Program

  • Summer Camp

  • Long days (LLC is open when Miami-Dade Public schools are closed.)

  • Cultural enrichment programs.

  • Supplying school supplies.

  • Referral to community resources.