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Our After-School services are designed to meet the needs of students grades K-12 and their families. Our curriculum components help support our students' academic growth and character traits. 


Homework Assistance

  • Personalized homework help for students of all ages

  • Support from experienced instructors

  • Small group settings for focused learning.

  • Computers and internet access are available for research or assignment completion.  

  • Materials and resources provided

  • Emphasis on building study skills and organizational techniques.

  • Assistance and guidance with School projects.


Reading Tutoring

  • Certified teachers from Miami-Dade County Public Schools providing specialized reading tutoring for underperforming students

  • Tailored tutoring sessions designed to boost comprehension and fluency

  • comprehensive lessons covering phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. 

  • Differentiated Learning Instructions (DLI) offered through small group sessions for personalized attention

  • Engaging Activities and materials carefully curated to foster a genuine passion for reading. 


Social Emotional Learning

  • Concentrated development of positive social skills.

  • Training and activities to reinforce positive behaviors

  • Students participate in activities to help them identify, understand and control their emotions.

  • Safe and supporting learning environment conducive to growth and confidence building. 


Physical Education

  • Students have Physical Education every day.

  • Certified Fitness Coach, leads students in activities that work on:

      - Cardiovascular endurance

      - Team work

      - Communication

      - Overall physical fitness.


Additional Services

  • Art Classes

  • Music Classes

  • College Readiness Program

  • Career Explorations

  • Financial Education 

  • Life Skills for Teens 

  • Summer Camp: Educational Camp focuses on Science, Geography, Physical Education, Fun Activities, and field trips.

  • Long days (LLC is open when Miami-Dade Public Schools are closed.)

  • Supplying school supplies.

  • Referral to community resources.

  • Parent Workshops on College application process, FAFSA, parenting, Navigating MDCPS Portal and more.


Nutrition Health

  • Daily Nutritional snacks provided by the State of Florida Health Department.

  • For long days, students are provided lunch and snacks from the State of Florida Health Department.

  • In-house Food Pantry for families in need.
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