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We Cannot Do this Without Your Help!!!

Our goal is to raise $35,000. With this amount we will serve 72 students grades K – 12 during the first school quarter.

There are no small contributions, every dollar counts towards our goal. Your Sponsorship

Sponsor a Child! Support your Community!

Sponsor a Child, Support a Family!

As schools remain virtual parents cannot continue employment due to lack of child care. Unfortunately, most our neediest families are led by single-parents and going out to work is their only mean for economic sustainability.

Leadership Learning Center will keep our doors open to provide morning care and academic support to ensure children are safe and well attended throughout virtual schooling. We will continue offering on-site after-school enrichment activities to help develop their academic and leadership skills. During a time where the Leadership Learning Center would usually only run during After-School Hours, we have extended our hours to start at in the morning to accommodate those families who don't have anyone to leave their children with. The Leadership Learning staff will take be in charge of making sure all students are participating and actively engaged in their school lesson while providing academic support along the way. The staff will then deliver our curriculum once the students complete their school work.


Our center follows very strict CDC Guidelines to ensure students as well as all staff remain healthy and safe.

Sponsor a Scholarship Form

The Students and Staff at the LLC thank you! You will receive an email with a copy of your recipet once the payment has been processed.

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