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Christmas Party

December 20th 2019, we were able to throw all the Students of the Leadership Learning Center an end of the year Christmas party thanks to the wonderful help of Dr Ada Armas, Dr. Pepe Armas, Cristina Cosculluela, Sue Ellen and Oscar Sastoque, the amazing students from Christopher Columbus High school, all the faculty and staff from the LLC.

Thanks to all those the helped, each students was able to receive a Christmas gift bag from Santa that was filled with gifts for them and their siblings along with a bag of food to cook for the holidays. The students were also treated to a pizza party, that included bounces houses, A Dj, Cotton Candy, Clowns, cookie decorating and more.

Each grade also performed there own rendition of Christmas songs from Jingle bells to Mi Burrito Sabanero.


So, once again thank you to all those that made the event possible, and we cannot wait until This Years Christmas party!

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