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Esteban Rincon Silver Knight Award Winner! Congrats and Thank you Esteban!

We would like to extend a real big congratulations to an amazing volunteer at the LLC. Esteban Rincon came to the Leadership Learning Center with the Young Tinkers Club. Esteban and some of his classmates volunteered and brought a Robotics club to the kids here at the Leadership Learning Center.

Esteban Rincon established the Young Tinkers Robotics Foundation to provide free robotics programs for children at St. John Bosco’s Leadership Learning Center in Little Havana. Many of the children never before had worked with robotics. Every Tuesday afternoon, Esteban would direct workshops with the children, teaching them how to build their own robots, with the help of other high school mentors. They taught the students to build their own VEX IQ robots.

Read more on the Miami Herald

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