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At The Leadership Learning Center, we provide a rich variety of after-school activities to the children from the Little Havana area in grades K-12.

Our program emphasizes student achievement and personal accountability as a path out of poverty.  Social skills and leadership qualities are modeled by all staff and embedded into all areas.


Activities are planned and led by State of Florida certified teachers.  They are supported by trained teacher aides and community volunteers.


Our program is unique in that we provide a safe haven for school-aged participants.  They come here to develop socially and academically and stay safe from the streets.  This, in turn, gives their parents and guardians peace of mind while they work and attend to their responsibilities.  We aim to turn a circle of poverty and decline into a circle of prosperity and growth.

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LLC's Student STEAM Projects

The Students have been busy creating various different STEAM projects this summer. Click the link below to take a look at a few of our awesome projects.

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