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  Student Leaders


      Kiara1st grade Class

Kiara was awarded Student of the month for her amazing performance at school.


         Cindy Solier 12th
Cindy one of the Seniors here at the LLC was accepted into university of Central Florida for their 202 fall semester. Good Job Cindy and plenty more schools will accept you as well. 


         Bryan 8th grade

The leadership Learning Center's very own 8th grader Bryan won the Southeast regional Chess tournament. Bryan one first place individually and led his school's team to a 3rd place finish in the round before.


       Maricelly 8th grade

Our 8th grader Maricelly participated in a school golf tournament and crushed it. Maricelly placed.​


        Dennis 3rd grade

Dennis was awarded the Do The Right thing award for exemplifying superb leadership, and setting the standard for excellent behavior and doing the right thing in his school and community.


         Katte 11th grade

The LLC's 11th grader Katte was awarded the Most Outstanding Cadet award for Miami High's JROTC program. Katte has been awarded this honors two years in a row.

        YOU GO GIRL!

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