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P.E Court

One of our on going projects has been that of the Physical Education court. From new Hoops, to Turf and new play areas, the improvement of the court has been long but worth while. Our next step is the reconditioning of the Court. From P.E 5 days a week for all our students to the countless events held on the court, it has taken it fair share of wear and tear.


Please join us in efforts to raise money to fund the reconditioning of the Court.


Food Pantry

The LLC  provides its families with access to a food pantry. Struggling families may request to receive groceries or bags of food from our in house food pantry. Your donations will help Stock and restock our food pantries so no families at the LLC have to go another day without having a meal.

Along with monetary donations, you can help to restock our food pantry through donations of Non-perishable foods.


School Supplies

Here at the LLC we provide all the students with back to school supplies. In our constant efforts to raise funds and supplies your donations can make a difference.


Please support us in guaranteeing each student here at the LLC has the proper supplies they need to get the best education possible.

Class Room Furniture

The leadership Learning Center is always looking to update and improve to provide the Children of the LLC the best quality of learning. The LLC is looking to update some of the class room furniture that includes, New Chairs, New Tables, New Book shelves.

With your support of the Class room furniture project your donations will bring the students of the LLC the tools for a better education.

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