Christopher Columbus Angler's Club

The students of Christopher Columbus High school's Angler's Club took some of our students to Key Biscayne for a day under the sun and casting lines into the ocean.

Columbus' students Nick Valdes and Carlos Corrnide took lead as they took 40 of the Leadership Learning Center students and showed them how to properly cast and reel lines in. What to look for when fishing, and how to properly catch and release the wonderful fish they were able to catch.

The students were bused over from the LLC bright and early and spent the day fishing, and enjoying their time on the water. Best part of the whole experience was that each student was able to take their fishing rods home.

Now are students can go out and fish on their own.

A big thank you to all the volunteers and helpers from Christopher Columbus, Nick and Carlos for taking lead, and the Wonderful Sylvie Galvez-Cuesta for making the whole trip possible.