Success Stories

Success story 1: Angelo
In 4th grade Angelo was placed on a “modified” curriculum as a Special Education student diagnosed with Emotional Behavior Disability Management (EBD), not qualifying him to take the FCAT exams needed to earn a regular high school diploma to then enter into college. Upon taking note of his progress and potential as exhibited at the Center, our Lead Teacher insisted that he be changed to a “standard” curriculum. Angelo recently tested at a Level 5 in FCAT math, the highest possible score. Most importantly, he is well on his way to receiving a college diploma.

Success story 2: Maria
Maria, a 1st grader diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, exhibited antisocial behaviors, made no eye contact nor attempted to ask for homework help. Towards the end of the year, as she got acclimated to her surroundings and thanks to the instructor’s consistent efforts to engage Maria, she now raises her hand to happily participate in classroom discussions and socializes well with peers.

Success story 3: Marta
A graduating high school senior with a 5.535 grade point average, Marta was accepted into Northeastern University, University of Florida, Florida International University, and Florida State University with all rights, honors and privileges. Thanks to our Lead Teachers, Marta, along with 95% of our students, is on track to successfully reach her individual educational goals.